As the construction and home improvement market continues its journey towards a sustainable future, Hippo has doubled down on its own commitment to sustainability.

Committed to Sustainability

Following last years release of refill packs for biodegradable wet wipes, which have already prevented an estimated 2 tonnes of waste plastic, in just 12 months. More trade professionals can now continue to reduce their waste plastic. This is thanks to the launch of brand new refill packs which can be used to restock the ever popular Heavy Duty Trade Wipes dispenser tub.

Reduce Plastic Waste by 90%

Hippo Heavy Duty Wipes Refill Pack

Users of Hippo’s top selling cleaning product Heavy Duty Trade Wipes, can now purchase refill packs to go with the reusable dispenser tub.

Utilising the new refill packs brings multiple all-round benefits. This is because the packaging is made from 30% RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) and is 100% recyclable.

Most importantly each refill pack contains 90% less plastic than the durable dispenser tub and also comes with an 18% lower recommended retail price. So, it’s an easy win for shoppers and sustainability.

  • New refill packs contain 90% less plastic.

  • Packaging is made from 30% recycled plastic and can be fully recycled.

  • Refill packs cost 18% less.

Hippo Heavy Duty Trade Wipes Dispenser Tub

Tough Site Safe Dispenser Tub

Thanks to its durability, the long lasting wipes dispenser is the preferred choice of trade professionals on building sites and renovation projects. This is because it protects its contents from the elements. As a result this helps make sure that Heavy Duty Trade Wipes are always on hand and ready to deliver industrial strength cleaning power.

High Impact Point of Sale

Merchants and retailers can carefully manage their inventory by restocking Hippo Heavy Duty Trade Wipes tubs and refill packs in low individual order quantities. Additionally, to generate extra impulse sales, the tubs are available in high impact FSDU’s and refills in pre-loaded counter displays. Simply order in multiples of 24 and 12 respectively.

Code Description Contents Barcode MOQ RSP
H18711 Heavy Duty Trade Wipes Dispenser Tub 80 Wipes 5060084187115 1 £12.69
H18728 Heavy Duty Trade Wipes Refill Pack 80 Wipes 5060084187283 1 £10.40

Launch Offer: Get 12 Free Refill Packs

For a limited time merchants and retailers can take advantage of a special heavy Duty Trade wipes launch offer, which includes the new refill packs.

When you order 24x Hippo Heavy Duty Trade Wipes reusable tubs plus 12x refill packs Tembé will throw in an additional counter display of 12x refill packs free of charge!

To take advantage of this special offer, or to learn more about how Hippo is committed to sustainability, please contact your Tembé representative or contact our sales office.

Point of sale displays for Hippo Heavy Duty Trade Wipes.