The construction industry loves plastic and why not? It’s strong, long lasting, easily formable and cost-effective. But our future demands a greater number of more sustainable products. For this reason we must continue to find ways to reduce, reuse and recycle single use plastic.

Interestingly, during the last 24 months, total plastic waste in the UK has decreased 2.7%, which is a positive start towards better sustainability. However, on the contrary during the same period, the construction industry has tragically INCREASED its plastic waste by 69.8%. Much more must be and can be done to reverse this.

(Source: DEFRA)

During this time Tembé has continued to invest heavily, providing the industry with sustainable solutions like Hippo ECO-PAC’s and Bamboo Cloths. And across all our brands and categories, we will continue to launch products that remove and or reduce single use plastic.

Meanwhile, in the cleaning category, our shopper research has also shown that many trade professionals want their wet wipes stored in strong, durable containers. They need packaging that can withstand life in unforgiving environments, like building sites.

Therefore to answer this need, Hippo has developed new a renewable solution that works, whilst continuing to reduce single use plastic at the same time.

New Reusable Tub and Refill Packs For Bamboo Wipes

Hippo have launched Multi Purpose Bamboo Wipes in new a reusable tub form factor. This durable plastic packaging is fully recyclable and perfect for withstanding the rigours of a building site. But more importantly it’s accompanied in the range by an easy to use refill pack.

Together these products will help trade professionals clean up more sustainably by reducing their use of plastic by 77%. That’s more than 1 gram of plastic saved for every wipe used. Plus they can continue to enjoy the durability benefits of long lasting packaging, when working in harsh environments.

Hippo Bamboo Wipes Tub and Refill Packs

Hippo’s Biodegradable & Sustainable Cleaning Range

The new wet wipe tubs and refill packs join a growing range of Hippo cleaning products made from sustainable bamboo. And best of all, once you’ve finished using them, they’re all fully biodegradable.

  • Helps you achieve social responsibility targets.

  • Remove more single use plastic from your product ranges.

  • Help your customers improve their sustainability.

  • Refill pouches use 77% less plastic.

  • Refill pouches are made from 30% RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate).

  • Bamboo products are fully biodegradable.

  • Our bamboo is sustainably sourced and FSC approved.

  • All our packaging is 100% recyclable

All our bamboo is responsibly sourced from FSC approved forests. Additionally bamboo can grow up to 30cm in one day, which is 30x faster than other trees. Which makes farming it a great counterbalance in the battle against global warming, because it’s so eco-friendly.

Tembe Times Issue 11 Front Cover

Issue 11 - Autumn 2022

In the latest issue of the Tembé Times, you can learn more about what we're doing to help retailers and consumers reduce waste and become more sustainable. Click below to check it out and download your copy.

Point of Sale for Sustainable Product Displays in Store

Hippo Bamboo Wipes Merchandising Displays
Merchandising Displays

Ask your Tembé sales representative for a high impact display

All Hippo’s bamboo products are available to ship now. New tubs of 80 wet wipes can be ordered in pre-loaded free standing dump bins containing 24 packs. These are accompanied by their refill packs of 80, which are packed in high impact shelf ready packaging. Both of which are ideal for building eye catching displays.

For a great deal on sustainable products and merchandising assistance to build a stunning display in your store, contact your Tembé rep or get in touch here.