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August 2023

Hippo Stands Committed to Sustainability with New Refill Packs

2023-10-31T16:59:24+00:00August 16, 2023|Company News, Hippo, Products|

Following last years release of refill packs for biodegradable wet wipes and a positive reception, Hippo is doubling down on its commitment to wipe sustainability. Trade professionals can continue to reduce their consumption of plastic, thanks to the arrival of brand new refill packs which can be used to restock the ever popular Heavy Duty Trade Wipes dispenser tub.

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September 2022

More Sustainable Products From Hippo

2023-07-18T14:49:14+01:00September 12, 2022|Company News, Hippo, Products|

The construction industry loves plastic and why not? It’s strong, long lasting, easily formable and cost-effective. But our future demands a greater number of more sustainable products. For this reason we must continue to find ways to reduce, reuse and recycle single use plastic. To help tackle the problem in the wet wipes category, Hippo is continuing to evolve and expand its range of biodegradable bamboo products.

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June 2022

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Made From Bamboo

2022-06-22T19:17:28+01:00June 22, 2022|Company News, Hippo, Products|

At Tembé we’re committed to a more sustainable future. One that’s reinforced by our campaign to build superior, more eco-friendly product ranges. Following significant investment in sustainable products for the sealant market. Earlier this year Hippo embarked on a fresh campaign to introduce better, more eco-friendly cleaning products for professionals in the decorating and building market.

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February 2022

New Sustainable Wipes by Hippo

2022-06-13T10:35:46+01:00February 10, 2022|Company News, Hippo, Products|

Most people already understand the everyday benefits of using wet wipes. Currently on average, 163 wipes are consumed annually by every person in the UK, that’s 11 billion! Consequently, they’re now an essential key selling line for every retailer and merchant. But there’s a problem!

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April 2016

Supporting Children With Cancer

2022-11-30T13:38:26+00:00April 15, 2016|Company News, Hippo, Products|

Cancer is the biggest child killing disease in the United Kingdom. So to help cure this and alleviate suffering, Hippo have announced a special new promotion to support the work of leading charity Children with Cancer UK. And a donation will be made to the hardworking charity for each pack of Hippo's best selling Heavy Duty Trade Wipes product.

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