January 2020

Time to Change

2021-08-17T12:45:54+01:00January 9, 2020|Hippo, Products, Trade News|

Adhesives & sealants are used to make almost everything. They’re the binding forces that allow things to become much more than just a collection of parts. They’re great enablers for building a sustainable future. But each year in the UK construction and DIY sector alone, packaging from millions of waste [...]

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February 2019

Introducing The New Advanced PRO Line Up

2019-02-25T15:33:17+00:00February 25, 2019|Products|

The 2019 Hippo PRO Range - Which is the right PRO for you? The new 2019 PRO line up is ready and we’re excited to announce brand new, improved formulas for PRO3 and PRO2. PRO3’s incredible speed & versatility means that it’s still the same fantastic Ultimate Utility Tool, but [...]

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May 2017

Hippo PRO3 Delivers Bigger Better Performance | New Movie

2018-08-22T12:49:51+01:00May 26, 2017|Products|

https://youtu.be/DXfjlc8sxMc This week we launched our new demonstration movie for Hippo PRO3 which showcases the incredible capabilities of the versatile product. PRO3® is quite simply the ultimate PRO! An amazing advanced 3 in 1 adhesive, sealant and filler. It delivers incredible adhesion on virtually any material and is designed for trade professionals [...]

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August 2016

New Multi-Purpose Tool Kit From Hippo

2018-08-22T12:50:58+01:00August 1, 2016|Products|

Bigger, better performance on planet earth's toughest jobs! Introducing the new enhanced Hippo PRO range of hybrid adhesives and sealants. Designed to offer an easy to understand, straight forward and complete set of tools that cover all the bases with incredible performance. PRO3 is joined by impressive stable mates PRO2 and PRO1.   Hippo [...]

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