Filltite Wood Filler Promotion Pack

Timed to help tradesmen and DIYers get those last minute repairs done before winter eventually arrives. Filltite have launched a brand new promotion pack that contains not only 20% Extra Free product but also a trial pack of 5 free Hippo Heavy Duty Trade Wipes inside the lid – perfect for cleaning up once the jobs done.

Hippo Heavy Duty Trade Wipes Sample Pack

Available in boxes of 12x White (F18230) or 12x Natural (F18231) each pack contains 600g of product (500g + 20% Extra Free) and ships in a pre-loaded counter display unit for quick merchandising and to drive extra sales.

  • Restores Rotten Wood
  • Interior & Exterior Use
  • Fill to Any Depth
  • Rapid Setting
  • Easy to Sand
  • Can be Painted or Stained
  • Won’t Shrink or Crack

Filltite High Performance Wood Filler is a rapid setting 2-part filler that’s suitable for use with all kinds of wood as well as repairs to metal and stone work. It’s specially formulated to provide durable, long lasting repairs that resist cracking and shrinking in all weather conditions. Once dry it delivers a finish that can be shaped, sanded, drilled, screwed, painted or stained.