Hippo Clean Edge Display

Hippo Clean Edge Masking Tape FSDU

We’ve recently launched a new high impact free standing display for Hippo Advanced Clean Edge Masking Tape. In keeping with Hippo’s Bigger, Better Performance tag line the FSDU is constructed from strong, high quality materials with eye catching graphics designed to attract shoppers and encourage impulse sales.

Good visual merchandising plays a really important role in any retail environment and secondary sites are crucial for successfully increasing the value of customers shopping basket spend. Not only do they encourage shoppers to trade up their product choices to more premium options they also act as a good reminder to buy project completers like masking tape which might have otherwise been forgotten about.

The new Hippo FSDU has been specially designed to occupy only a small amount of retail floor space and to encourage shoppers to easily pick up the product with stock positioned at “eye and buy” level.

Tembé will supply the FSDU free of charge to retailers with orders for Hippo Advanced Clean Edge Masking Tape.

Hippo Clean Edge Masking Tape

Hippo Advanced Clean Edge Masking Tape is a super high quality masking tape that creates professional razor sharp paint edges. It boasts an extra thin paper layer with a special adhesive making it suitable for use on many different surfaces including painted walls, wood trim, glass and metal. Use it with both solvent and water based paints, it also has a UV resistant coating so it can be used inside or outside. Available 25mm and 38mm widths the 41 metre rolls come inside their own handy plastic storage container that protects the tape edges from damage when not being used.