Hippo is continuing to invest in the wood adhesives market and now offers an even wider choice of products, performance, and price options. Furthermore, they are doing this without compromising on quality or affordability for both consumers and retailers.

Wider Choice of Wood Glues

The recent introduction of Hippo Universal Wood Glue tops off a comprehensive range that also includes a D2 interior wood glue and a high performance D3 wood glue. This concludes work to build a bigger and better proposition of wood adhesives for retailers and trade outlets.

With this new range of 6 products that offer 3 levels of adhesive performance, merchants are now able to provide customers with a wide selection of options to suit their needs and budget.

Packs of Hippo PVA wood glues

D2 and D3 PVA Wood Glues by Hippo

Colour Coded Packaging.

Similarly the new easy to understand colour coded packaging from Hippo aids fast product selection and helps shoppers select the most appropriate solution for the job. At the same time this makes it easy to trade up through the different performance levels. As a result, retail outlets will benefit from increased customer satisfaction and higher sales.

Interior wood adhesives classified D2 are represented by green packaging. If you require water resistance for interior or exterior use, then choose red for D3 classification. Furthermore, top of the line wood glues with D4 classification stand out in yellow packaging.

New Fast Setting Universal Wood Glue

Hippo Universal Wood Glue is a fast acting polyurethane based D4 adhesive. Amongst its many best in class benefits, this versatile carpenters glue provides users with a dependable solution for bonding uneven joints in wood. Especially when time is of the essence.

Why Your Product Range Needs D4 Wood Adhesives.

To build a credible selection of wood adhesives, you need to include specialist products for every carpentry task. This means offering a fast-setting wood glue. For this reason stocking a high performance D4 glue, one which can quickly create strong universal bonds, is essential.

Bond End Grain in Wood.

Timber end grain is notoriously difficult to bond because its pores, used to transport water in trees from the roots to branches, can also absorb adhesive drawing it away from the joint. As a consequence this makes it extremely difficult to create strong permanent joints comprising of end grain material.

However the polyurethane technology in Hippo Universal Wood Glue now makes it possible to create strong, permanent joints on end grain. This is because the glue foams and expands to fill pores after application, which makes it an ideal solution for bonding butt joints.

  • Fast setting in 5 minutes.

  • High bond strength.

  • Foams to fill gaps in uneven joints.

  • Classified D4 100% waterproof – meets EN 204.

  • Can be sanded, painted & stained.

Cartridge of Hippo Universal Wood Glue

The Hippo Range of Wood Adhesives.

As always it’s easy for merchants and retailers to carefully manage their inventory with us. This makes it possible for you to economically stock a fully credible range of Hippo wood adhesives for your customers. Because you can replenish existing inventory in low individual order quantities.

Code Description Size Barcode MOQ RSP
H18759 D4 Universal Wood Glue Bottle 550g 5060084187593 1 £13.00
H18757 D4 Universal Wood Glue Cartridge – Jan 2024 310ml 5060084187579 1 £11.00
H18705 D3 Interior & Exterior Wood Glue Bottle 500ml 5060084187054 1 £4.92
H18706 D3 Interior & Exterior Wood Glue Bottle 1 Litre 5060084187061 1 £7.92
H18755 D2 Interior Wood Glue Bottle 500ml 5060084187559 1 £3.80
H18756 D2 Interior Wood Glue Bottle 1 Litre 5060084187566 1 £7.20
H18760 Rapid Mitre Bond 50g  | 200ml Activator 5060084187603 1 £5.50

Finish Jobs Even Faster Without Clamping

Trade professionals are always looking for ways to save time and money. However, this can sometimes lead to a trade-off between speed and quality. To address this Hippo has launched a joint bonding and clamping solution that delivers rapid assembly times without sacrificing quality.

Rapid Mitre Bond.

Hippo Rapid Mitre Bond completes a new bigger and better range of wood bonding solutions. This two part cyanoacrylate adhesive is specifically formulated with high viscosity and low soak characteristics, to minimise porous surface absorption. So it’s an ideal choice for things like cabinet, furniture, and plastic component assembly. Especially on projects where clamping is not possible.

Available in Shelf Ready Packaging.

Hippo Rapid Mitre Bond cut case display

So that it can be merchandised effectively both components of Hippo Rapid Mitre Bond are packaged securely together as a convenient kit.

Additionally this product is shipped to retail outlets in handy shelf ready packaging, when it is ordered in multiples of 12 units.

Hippo Rapid Mitre Bond Kit