Hippo PRO Range
The 2019 Hippo PRO Range – Which is the right PRO for you?

The new 2019 PRO line up is ready and we’re excited to announce brand new, improved formulas for PRO3 and PRO2.

PRO3’s incredible speed & versatility means that it’s still the same fantastic Ultimate Utility Tool, but now it performs even better than before as an adhesive or as a sealant. The new PRO3 formula brings greater shore A hardness, improved flexibility and better viscosity which means its effortless to use and flows beautifully from the tube.

PRO2 excels as the ultimate sealant and is now certified food safe by ISEGA. We’ve also added more standard colours to the PRO2 range with the addition Natural stone, Beige, Brown, Black and Grey

as the ultimate adhesive PRO1 continues to offer incredible double grab strength and can even replace mechanical fixings!
In packaging that’s easy for shoppers to understand all Hippo PRO products deliver truly amazing performance…

  • Stick or seal virtually anything to anything.
  • Will not corrode metal joints.
  • Can be used with natural stone.
  • Can be applied to wet surfaces and will dry under water.
  • Can be over painted.
  • Solvent free and EC1Pluscertified

Our entire PRO range has now been EC1Plus certified. This is the European highest standard for low VOC emissions. It means that all PRO products can be specified for use on green building projects with low-emmisions.