To showcase the incredible capabilities of PRO3, this week Hippo launched a new demonstration video. Focusing on some of it key user benefits, plus its spectacular ability to glue a brick on a vertical wall, then hang a man from it inside 40 minutes!

Hippo PRO3 is quite simply the ultimate PRO!

Sticking a Brick to a Vertical Wall

Designed for trade professionals to replace multiple products with just one tube. PRO3 is an advanced 3 in 1 adhesive, sealant and filler which delivers incredible adhesion on virtually any material, for amazing all round performance.

Use it to bond wood, metals (inc lead), glass, ceramic tiles, natural stone, brick, concrete, plasterboard, most plastics (inc fibreglass), most synthetic materials, carbon fibre and much more. PRO3 is odourless and does not contain solvents or any harmful VOC’s, so it’s much safer and more pleasant to use than traditional solvent based adhesives and silicone sealants.

Click to watch the video below.



You can learn more about PRO3 on the Hippo website. Or if you’re a retailer and would like to use the video for merchandising, then please get in touch with your sales representative or contact us using our enquiry form.