Designed to offer an easy to understand, straight forward and complete set of tools that cover all the bases with incredible performance. Hippo PRO3 has been joined by new impressive stable mates PRO2 and PRO1.

Hippo PRO2 Sealant & Adhesive

PRO2 is an advanced single part, chemically curing, hybrid polymer sealant and adhesive. It offers some of the key features already enjoyed by PRO3 along with increased flexibility and a glossier finish when used as a sealant.

Just like with PRO3, you can use PRO2 in wet conditions and it will even cure fully whilst left underwater. First and foremost it excels as a sealant because the low modulus formula makes it really easy to work with.

PRO2 meets the requirements of ISO11600 delivering a flexible, glossy finish with up to 25% movement.

Among its incredible range of uses, PRO2 is also ideal for applications that require high performance, durable joints along and bonding. As well as jobs where excellent resistance to demanding environmental conditions and chemical spillage is required.

Hippo PRO1 Power Grab Adhesive

With enhanced slump resistance PRO1 is a versatile grab and gap filling adhesive which can be used as a replacement for nails & screws.

Everything in the Hippo PRO range is non hazardous, solvent and odour free.

Based on a toughened, solvent free, acrylic polymer formula, PRO1 is designed to deliver bigger, better performance for professionals on a wide range of indoor jobs. Boasting a high solids content and enhanced slump resistance it will stick most common building materials and will also work on damp surfaces.