Every so often a category defining product arrives, some of which make everyone sit up and take notice. We think Hippo PRO3 Adhesive, Sealant & Filler is one of those products.

PRO3 is a product capable of use as either an adhesive, sealant or filler. It features incredible adhesion on virtually any material. So you can use it to stick virtually anything to anything without the need for additional fixings. Or to seal and fill gaps in the most extreme conditions imaginable. Hippo PRO3 is the ultimate problem solver.

Use PRO3 on wet surfaces in the rain or even underwater!
A single tube of Hippo PRO3 replaces the need to buy multiple tubes of less capable adhesives, sealants, fillers and caulk. Hippo PRO3 skims over in super quick time, plus it’s available in five popular colours. However, if necessary, you can cover it with any type of paint from as little as 10 minutes. Which all means you can get those difficult jobs finished fast.
The advanced formula in PRO3 helps make it incredibly versatile. Which means you can use it in virtually any working conditions. Furthermore it doesn’t contain solvents or harmful VOC’s, therefore it’s much safer and pleasant to use compared to traditional solvent based adhesives and silicone sealants.
  • Can be used on wood, brick, concrete, tiles, plaster, metal, glass, uPVC, fibreglass, polystyrene, synthetics and many more!
  • Can be painted with any type of paint.
  • No mould growth – contains a fungicide.
  • Safe to use on synthetic material.
  • Bonds non porous surfaces.
  • Food safe – use in commercial food preparation areas.
  • Use it on wet surfaces, in the rain or even underwater!