Naturally keeping our products up to date and maintaining the appeal of our brands is important to us. So we regularly review our packaging and marketing materials to make sure they tick all the right boxes, both visually and by continuing to meet the needs of our customers.

Since its original launch, the Hippo Wipes range has really taken off. So to maintain momentum, the marketing team have been busy updating the packaging with a bright new cleaner and more appealing look.

But thats not all. they’ve also increased the quantity of wipes held inside the best selling Heavy Duty pack. The number of wipes have increased by 60%, which means that, inline with other products in the range, consumers now get 80 wipes instead of 50 pack. All at no extra cost!

Here’s what Painting and Decorating News had to say about it –

“Hippo has launched an improved Premium Heavy Duty Wipe, which now offers users 80 wipes instead of 50.
Strong & super absorbent Hippo Heavy Duty Wipes will not tear easily and are suitable for removing grease, oil, paint and grime.

Hippo Heavy Duty Trade Wipes has a micro-bead option on one side agitates the surface to be cleaned and does not scratch, while the smooth side can be used to finish off.

Hippo Heavy Duty Trade Wipes have been derma-logically tested and contain Aloe Vera so safe to use on skin (tested in the UK) and replace any lost skin moisture, avoids dermatitis and are anti-bacterial so kill most germs.”