Hippo have launched a brand new an all in one bonding and jointing solution aimed at kitchen and bathroom installers. Following a period of research with merchants and trade professionals, their new high modulus sealant and adhesive comes with a bunch of standout features and benefits.

Created For Kitchen & Bathroom Installers

Considering the complexities of assembling, installing and securing multiple components, undertaking a kitchen or bathroom project is no mean feat. So trusting the best tools for the job is essential. Fortunately kitchen and bathroom installers can now save time and money by choosing their own dedicated all in one sealant and adhesive. Because Hippo Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive is specially formulated just for them.

Instantly Recognisable Packaging.

To make this products packaging more distinctive and easier to shop for, colour information has been moved from the bottom to the top of each tube. Similarly, alongside Hippos familiar and eye catching character logo, large stand out text has been used to identify the products main purpose and the locations where it’s intended for use.

This makes it easy for shoppers to select the right product and colour for the job. Especially when browsing cluttered retail sealant and adhesive fixtures, which can be notoriously confusing, even when they’re well merchandised.

The Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive Technology

Boasting the very latest in hybrid MS polymer technology, this product comes with a comprehensive list of high performance features. In conjunction with that, our technical team have purposefully tailored these to meet the specific needs of anyone installing a kitchen or bathroom:

Incredible Versatility.

Thanks to the kind of technical versatility that trade professionals now demand. Users of Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive can confidently complete every bonding and jointing job in a wet room, without the need for anything else. This includes superb instant grab and high bond strength, coupled with the ability to stick almost any type of building material to any other type. Furthermore it can also be applied in wet environments and will even dry when underwater.

The Smart Choice for Bright White Finishes.

Consumer research has told us that when people choose a white sealant finish, they want the brightest white possible, so thats what we’ve done. When shoppers choose Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive in Bright White, they get our brightest white ever.

Certified Food Safe.

This product meets the highest standards for food safety and has been certified by the FDA. Which means it can be used to seal and finish exposed joints around food preparation areas in commercial and domestic kitchens.

Long Lasting Durability.

Installers can depend on this product to keep the job done. This is because, in addition to high bond strength, Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive has a natural anti-fungal formula and is permanently elastic by to 25%.  So it can be trusted to keep things where they are supposed to be, watertight, and mould free.

  • Food safe (FDA Approved).

  • Sticks to all surfaces and materials.

  • Wet surface application.

  • Will dry underwater.

  • Solvent and VOC free.

  • Can be painted.

  • Weather and UV resistant.

Order Your Stock Today.

It’s always easy for merchants and retailers to carefully manage their inventory with us. Which means that you can restock this product in low individual order quantities of just one tube. Additionally to strengthen merchandising, Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive is shipped in high impact cut case displays. Simply order in multiples of 12 to take advantage of a display.

Code Description Size Barcode MOQ RSP
H18640 Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive Bright White 290ml Cartridge 5060084186408 1 £9.24
H18641 Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive Translucent 290ml Cartridge 5060084186415 1 £10.71
H18642 Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive Anthracite 290ml Cartridge 5060084186422 1 £9.24
H18643 Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive Natural Stone 290ml Cartridge 5060084186439 1 £9.24

Launch Offer: Get One Box Free

To capitalise on this new product launch, distributors, merchants and retailers can all take advantage of a special limited time offer. When you order a full cut case display (12 cartridges) of each colour, you will qualify for an extra box free.

So why not take advantage and claim a free box, in a colour of your choice? Please contact your Tembe sales representative or get in touch with our sales office and place your order now.