Hippo have launched a new waterproof glue for wood. This new PVA adhesive brings extended choice across the general adhesives category and fills a gap in their range for an adhesive classified D3 for use with timber.

Today timber is undoubtedly one of the most sustainable building materials. Not only because it’s a highly durable material, but also because its economical and easy to maintain. Additionally, with a low embodied carbon footprint, its great for maximising the green credentials of any project. And with continued growth forecast in the UK construction industry for 2023 and beyond, its position as a leading building material in unlikely to change.

Considering this, alongside the financial crises currently faced by businesses and consumers, Hippo’s new wood glue proposition is carefully priced to offer consumers a more competitive choice on shelf. And additionally to help retailers increase their basket spend by trading shoppers up to more economical pack sizes.

D3 Waterproof Glue for Wood

When it comes to glue classifications for use with wood, the D stands for “Durability”. Together with this, the accompanying number represents the class it falls into according to its water resistance and bond strength. To meet a specific standard, extensive tests are carried out on products according to EN205, to make sure it qualifies.

Hippos new product has been classified as D3 which means you can use it indoors where there is frequent short term exposure to water or moisture and frequent high humidity. Additionally its also suitable for outdoor use, in areas that are not over exposed to weather.

It comes in, easy to squeeze, 500ml and 1.0 litre bottles. Which, alongside a certified product formula, offer consumers a wood adhesive with dependable performance at a low price.

Expanding Wood Adhesive Range

Hippo’s new D3 wood adhesive expands Hippo’s range of specialist bonding solutions. So consumers now have even more choice for a bigger, better, performance when glueing timber.

Hippo Expanding Wood Glue Bottle

Expanding Glue

Hippo Expanding Glue is classified as a D4 glue for wood. This product is versatile, incredibly strong and permanently bonds a wide range of materials, keeping them bonded in all conditions.

Special Launch Offer

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