At Tembé we’re committed to a more sustainable future. One that’s reinforced by our campaign to build superior, more eco-friendly product ranges. Following significant investment in sustainable products for the sealant market with our ECO-PAC foil sausages. Earlier this year Hippo embarked on a fresh campaign to introduce better, more eco-friendly cleaning products for professionals in the decorating and building market.

New Eco-Friendly Products From Hippo

Stack of Hippo Trade Wipes

Recently we introduced fully biodegradable Hippo All Purpose Trade Wipes to the market. Made from from natural bamboo and available in two sizes, they got a tremendous response from customers. Consequently,  we’ve been working hard to extend Hippos range with more high performance eco-friendly cleaning solutions. For this reason, we’re excited to announce the arrival of Hippo Multi-Purpose Bamboo Cloth.

Helping Our Customers Become More Eco-Friendly

Our new bamboo cloths are available in two pack sizes, 60 and 100 sheets. Both packs are supplied in shelf ready packaging for efficient merchandising and a strong impact on shelf.

This product will be the long-term replacement for Hippo All-Purpose Cloths, which are made from wood pulp and will eventually be discontinued.

The production of virgin wood pulp is widely regarded as an ongoing threat to the existence of forest areas worldwide. Meanwhile, on the contrary, bamboo is a highly renewable super plant which benefits the environment because of its amazing eco credentials.

Because of this, our new bamboo cloths are simply better in every way. Alongside the environmental benefits of their raw materials, when compared to other products they’re stronger, more absorbent, and fully compostable.

  • Highly renewable raw materials.

  • 100% biodegradable after use.

  • Long lasting anti-tear composition.

  • Highly absorbent material.

  • Recycled and 100% recyclable packaging.

Hippo Bamboo Cloth Display

Hippo Multi-Purpose Bamboo Cloths

Each order for cartons of our new bamboo inspired cloths is supplied in responsibly sourced shelf ready packaging, with accompanying POS.

Click below to learn more about this new product on the Hippo website.

The Power of Natural Bamboo

Natural Bamboo
A Bamboo Forest in Japan

Bamboo grows 30x faster than other kinds of tree

Bamboo is quite simply an amazing plant. Incredibly it can grow up to 30cm in one day, which is 30x faster than other trees. Additionally, its able to absorb 30% more carbon dioxide and produce 35% more oxygen than other plant types.

Bamboo is often referred to as a ‘Superplant’ because it’s some of the fastest growing vegetation on Earth and yields super benefits for the environment.

All of this makes farming bamboo very sustainable and a great counterbalance in the battle against global warming, because it’s so eco-friendly.

Great Deals on a Greener Future

In summary, shoppers now think seriously about climate change and because of this, there’s a growing demand for high performance products with strong eco credentials.

So why not capitalise on this increasing consumer demand by placing Hippo Bamboo All Purpose Trade Wipes and Hippo Multi-Purpose Bamboo Cloth on sale in your store. You can start by speaking to our sales department or your Tembe sale representative, about a great deal for your business.