Most people already understand the everyday benefits of using wet wipes. Currently on average, 163 wipes are consumed annually by every person in the UK, that’s 11 billion! Consequently, they’re now an essential key selling line for every retailer and merchant. But there’s a problem.

Currently wet wipes can’t be considered sustainable products. This is because 90% of most that we consume contain plastic and we all know that plastic doesn’t biodegrade. Which means they’re here forever, with devastating effects on the environment!

Wipes Made From Natural Bamboo

Hippo are delighted to announce a sustainable solution to the plastic wipe problem, with the launch of their new fully biodegradable wipe. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo.

Hippo All Purpose Trade Wipes
Pack of Sustainable Wipes

100% Compostable

Hippo All Purpose Trade Wipes retain all the cleaning power that users expect but, when disposed of properly, they can begin biodegrading after just 2 months. You can even dispose of them on the compost heap in your garden!

  • 100% biodegradable wipes that contain no plastic.

  • Made from natural bamboo.

  • Strong anti-tear composition.

  • Bamboo has a growth rate of 30cm per day and is a highly renewable, eco-friendly material.

  • Sold in minimal, 100% recyclable packaging.

  • 90% reduction of plastic packaging compared to current standard tub products.

Code Contents RSP Barcode
H18726 Grab Bag of 100 Wipes £9.96 + VAT 5060084187269
H18727 Grab Bag of 80 Large Wipes £12.96 + VAT 5060084187276

The Construction Industry Must Get Serious About Plastic Waste

The trade and DIY sectors of the construction industry get through approximately 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) wipes each year. And based on some of the latest data about waste, it’s clear that the sector can and should do more about reducing plastic waste.

During the last 4 years plastic waste in the UK has started to decrease by 3%, but at the same time, plastic waste from the construction industry has increased by 70%.


Not Just Costing The Environment

Campaigners are right to remind us that it’s not just the environment paying the price for plastic wipe use. Consumers and businesses are also paying the clean-up costs in their monthly water bills. This is because water companies pass on a reported £100 million each year, spent just on clearing the blockages caused by plastic wipes!

Mass of Wet Wipes Pulled From Sewer
Never Flush Wet Wipes!

Disgusting mass of wipes pulled from sewers by Thames Water

War on Waste Plastics

Win The War on Waste Plastics

Tembe is fully committed to a duty of care in relation to both its supply chain waste and that generated by its products. Through our War on Waste Plastic campaign, we’re continuing to develop the eco capabilities of products from our brands Hippo and Filltite.

This is such an exciting project and we’re delighted to tick 3 sustainability boxes for wet wipes. The current wipes market is mainly a plastic wipe in a plastic tub, in plastic shrink wrap. Now we’ve got a sustainable Bamboo wipe in recyclable bags, inside FSC managed cartons.

Guy Malam – Managing Director

We’re determined to play a leading role in the drive towards products that are better for the environment. For example, our game changing range of Hippo ECO-PAC foil sausages are already reducing plastic waste for sealant and adhesive users by up to 96%.

More Investment

Our support package for these new products includes high impact merchandising units for retailer and merchant stockists. Trade and consumer press advertising across titles including Professional Builder, Builders Merchant Journal and Professional Painter & Decorator magazines. Breakfast mornings for product demonstrations, plus much more.

  • Fresh High Impact Merchandising Units

  • New Trade Press Campaign

  • Eye Catching Consumer Press Adverts

  • Product Demonstrations

So don’t miss out on the opportunity for your business to play its part in our mutually greener future. Put Hippo Bamboo All Purpose Trade Wipes on sale in your shop or trade counter as soon as possible. Speak to our sales department or your Tembe sale representative about a great deal to get started.

New Radio Campaign

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new Bamboo Wipes radio commercial starting April. Where we’ll be telling millions of professional tradesmen who regularly listen to talkSPORT, all about the benefits of our new sustainable wipes.