Tembé has taken the decision to outsource is entire EDI process to Wesupply for a fully managed EDI service that removes the requirement for considerable in-house monitoring.

Tembé are not new to outsourced EDI; however, the company’s previous EDI solution was not a fully managed service, therefore despite being outsourced a large amount of input was still required from Tembé. The solution proved to be a significant drain on internal resources and was becoming a burden. Having successfully used Wesupply’s web EDI portal to trade with Grafton Merchanting GB, Tembé were aware of the benefits Wesupply had to offer, making it an easy decision to outsource all of their EDI needs to Wesupply.

As Wesupply’s solution OneTime is delivered as a fully managed service, Tembé will benefit from a dedicated team who will look after the customer on-boarding and day-to-day running of EDI activities on the company’s behalf.

“EDI is an important element of our business as it allows us to deliver a high level of service to our customers, however with our old solution it was becoming a real headache to manage.” said Guy Malam, Managing Director at Tembé DIY and Building Products Ltd. “By outsourcing our EDI requirements to Wesupply, we’ll be able to refocus internal resources that had previously been distracted by daily EDI problems on to core, strategic activities.”

As a growing company, the ability to quickly and easily connect to new customers without having to sacrifice internal resources was an important element in Tembé’s decision to move to Wesupply and will be particularly beneficial moving forward as the company continues to expand.

“We are delighted to have Tembé join the Wesupply network as a OneTime client.” said Jon Hill, Sales Executive at Wesupply. “EDI should be viewed as a business opportunity for suppliers and we therefore look forward to enabling Tembé to reap the rewards of EDI without experiencing any of the issues they have encountered in the past”.

About Wesupply

Wesupply Limited provides a fully managed and outsourced electronic business-to-business integration service, using a unique approach that maximises supply chain collaboration between independent organisations. This approach has consistently helped our customers secure tangible operational cost savings along with improved customer service, since the business was founded in 1999. Companies across all industries, including Retail, Building, CPG, Energy and Manufacturing rely on Wesupply to manage business-critical information flows for their extended supply chain processes.

Heres a link to the full article on Wesupply’s website http://wesupply.com/2014/11/tembe-moves-to-wesupply-for-fully-managed-edi/